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Re: Newbie - how to change display name settings

Hello Tony,

Thanks for your comments..

What I meant is: when displaying the ldap accounts .. I got "Last Name,
First Name" display format .. how do I change the format to "First Name,
Last Name"

Thanks & Regards

Configure ldap
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Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2008 11:15 PM
Subject: Re: Newbie - how to change display name settings

> Winanjaya - CBN skrev, on 08-01-2008 07:42:
> > I am very new with this,
> One gets interesting results when one Googles on "Our outgoing mail has
> been scanned by MSS". The only results i get back are those posted by
> you to various LDAP help instances through the years, to various forums
> and mailing lists. The earliest I can find by quick scanning is Feb
> 2006. So "very new with this" you are not.
> > I have configured openldap on my FC1 ..
> In 2006 you posted that you were using FC4, why on earth would you have
> dropped back to FC1? There's no apparent advantage I, nor a million
> other Fedora users, can immediately see.
> > Currently, the Display name settings is Last Name, First Name .. how to
> > change it to FirstName, Last Name?
> What are "Display name settings"? Is this some GUI, or are you referring
> to the
> attribute displayName?
> > Please help
> Why? In the past a great many willing and able people, in many forums
> and on many mailing lists, have tried to offer you help, have asked you
> for details which you have done nothing but obfuscate. Now why should I
> or anyone else on this ML wish to prolong the agony?
> --Tonni
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> Tony Earnshaw
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Our outgoing mail has been scanned by MSS.