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Re: Newbie - how to change display name settings

Winanjaya - CBN skrev, on 08-01-2008 07:42:

I am very new with this,

One gets interesting results when one Googles on "Our outgoing mail has been scanned by MSS". The only results i get back are those posted by you to various LDAP help instances through the years, to various forums and mailing lists. The earliest I can find by quick scanning is Feb 2006. So "very new with this" you are not.

I have configured openldap on my FC1 ..

In 2006 you posted that you were using FC4, why on earth would you have dropped back to FC1? There's no apparent advantage I, nor a million other Fedora users, can immediately see.

Currently, the Display name settings is Last Name, First Name .. how to change it to FirstName, Last Name?

What are "Display name settings"? Is this some GUI, or are you referring to the inetOrgPerson/openLDAPdisplayableObject/OpenLDAPorg/openLDAPou/samba/GroupMapping/sambaSamAccount attribute displayName?

Please help

Why? In the past a great many willing and able people, in many forums and on many mailing lists, have tried to offer you help, have asked you for details which you have done nothing but obfuscate. Now why should I or anyone else on this ML wish to prolong the agony?


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl