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Re: Strange issue with replication in mirror mode

Jérémie Grauer wrote:
> Michael Ströder on Sat 05 Sep 2009 05:01:15 PM CET  wrote :
>> Jérémie Grauer wrote:
>>> Recently I have moved the company ldap from an old SUN LDAP to Openldap
>>> 2.4.11-1 on Debian Lenny, I have successfully migrated all the data and
>>> I have now 2 servers in mirror mode.
>>> All seemed great until I realized something : replication is working
>>> when I'm adding an object, replication is also working when I'm
>>> modifying an object but the replication is NOT working when I delete an
>>> object... in this last case, the object is deleted from my first server
>>> but is still in the second.
>> You should definitely use a more recent release. 2.4.17 is the most
>> recent release available on the download page. 2.4.18 is almost out now.
> I've finally sorted this issue out : I was using "luma" to
> delete/modify/add object in my ldap : I don't know how it is possible
> but the issue only appears when deleting object with luma, I tried with
> "ldapdelete" on the command line and it worked perfectly...

Still I think you should upgrade. There were syncrepl-related issues with
deletes fixed in more recent releases. 2.4.18 is out now.

BTW: luma uses python-ldap which in turn uses OpenLDAP's libldap(_r). So
what's sent on the wire does not differ that much when deleting an entry. So I
have some doubts about luma really being *the* cause of the problem.

Ciao, Michael.