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Re: Using replication on RedHat servers

Hello, Pierre.

Well, sice i installed the symas' rpm, everything related to openldap goes in /opt/symas/ and is built for openldap 2.4.16. I think the rpm you mention (openldap-servers-overlay) is the RedHat one, so i'm not sure it'd be compatible.

Sorry for the long delay in responding; we didn't realize you meant us from the subject line.

I tought that at the beggining, I just can't include the syncprov module. When I add the line "overlay syncprov" in my slapd.conf file (without loading syncprov.la), slapd fails to start and i get this error message :
Aug  6 17:29:21 localhost slapd[25880]: overlay "syncprov" not found

Aug 17 15:58:28 localhost slapd[29875]: lt_dlopenext failed: (syncprov.la) file not found

You're using the silver build of the product, which does not include syncprov by design; silver is designed for quick evaluation work or running a small replica. If you would like a fully supported and complete build of openldap, please contact Symas support.

This is not an OpenLDAP issue, and (in general) shouldn't go to these lists; as always, contact the vendor for questions about why custom- built binaries are different from the mainline source code.

Matthew Backes
Symas Corporation