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Re: syncrepl replication taking too long(not sync)

--On Wednesday, August 19, 2009 5:14 AM -0700 Rodrigo Costa <rlvcosta@yahoo.com> wrote:


I have a 32bit system so I can only allocate 3GB for slapd. The machines
have 12GB each but I can only allocate 3GB for a single process in a
32bit system with CentOS5.3.

Why are you using a 32-bit OS on a system with 12GB of RAM?

The tuning is done based on memory constraints and I think it should be
more than enough since the traffic I have is low; only DB is a little
large(4 million entrances).

In the end of the day I think that I cannot have dncache with a smaller
number than records in your DB. This means I cannot have a DB that cannot
have all dncache allocated in memory. I was wondering if this is the case
so I will about to use search or replication. The DB can run only in
single system with these restrictions.

There are other ways to limit slapd memory usage as I noted in my previous emails. As Buchan noted, you haven't really provided any details on the rest of your configuration. My experiments with dncachesize and large databases definitely does indicate that setting it to a smaller value (in your case, 75% of the actual DB) does lead to extreme performance problems. If it's possible to adjust other items down, then you could potentially increase the dncachesize up to something workable. But since you don't note what those items are, it becomes very difficult to assist you.

The best solution, of course, would be to rebuild your server with a 64-bit OS. Why you didn't start with one is beyond me.



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