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Re: [Bulk] Re: LDAP Process "hangs"

Andreas Gorhan wrote:
Thanks for your reply Aaron. Seems to be a log problem. The log level was very high (16800) and that slows down the ldapsearch process. Anyway thanks for the answer.

This loglevel is nonsense. The mere notion of "high" makes no sense in OpenLDAP's logging configuration. The loglevel is a mask that tells what susbsystems are logging. 16800 means 0x41a0 which means:

sync (0x4000)
stats (0x100)
acl (0x80)
filter (0x20)

While stats definitely makes sense, and sync may make some sense when tracking synchronization issues that can only be tracked "live", acl and filter do not make any sense in a production environment. Acl only makes sense in extreme cases while debugging acl design. Similar considerations apply to filter.