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Re: Large database initial replication problem

--On Friday, October 17, 2008 10:20 AM +0200 Åukasz WÄsikowski <lukasz@wasikowski.net> wrote:


I've got large test database (>20000 entries), set up replication using
syncrepl (refreshAndPersist). It work's fine when consumer is connected
to provider while importing all database. But when I add new consumer to
use existing database only first 500 records are replicated. I know
about sizelimit, but I don't want to raise it (because I don't know how
big my database will grow). The question is - why consumer won't get
rest of the entries in another queries? What am I doing wrong? I can't
import all database everytime I connect new consumer in a production

slapcat the master, then slapadd the brand new consumer.

I highly advise you read the admin guide section on replication. Aaron already provided you with the answer to your question about sizelimits (use the limits command to adjust for the consumer's search ID).




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