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Re: Large database initial replication problem

On Friday 17 October 2008 18:19:41 Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> --On Friday, October 17, 2008 10:20 AM +0200 Åukasz WÄsikowski
> <lukasz@wasikowski.net> wrote:
> > Welcome!
> >
> > I've got large test database (>20000 entries), set up replication using
> > syncrepl (refreshAndPersist). It work's fine when consumer is connected
> > to provider while importing all database. But when I add new consumer to
> > use existing database only first 500 records are replicated. I know
> > about sizelimit, but I don't want to raise it (because I don't know how
> > big my database will grow). The question is - why consumer won't get
> > rest of the entries in another queries? What am I doing wrong? I can't
> > import all database everytime I connect new consumer in a production
> > enviroment.
> slapcat the master, then slapadd the brand new consumer.

This would be faster. But, it is entirely plausible to want to initialise a 
consumer without access to the database files on the provider.

> I highly advise you read the admin guide section on replication.  Aaron
> already provided you with the answer to your question about sizelimits (use
> the limits command to adjust for the consumer's search ID).

Using slapcat|slapadd to initialise the directory can in fact hide problems 
with size limits ...