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Re: userCertificate;binary in a 2.3.X ldif file

Brett @Google wrote:
Can anyone shed any light on :

slapadd: could not parse entry (line=234)
str2entry: attributeType userCertificate #0: needs ';binary' transfer as per

This is ocurring when running 2.4.x slapadd on a certificate containing a
binary attribute, which was a slapcat from a 2.3.X openldap server.

The attribute in question is already a binary attribute, there is a double
colon after the certificate name, so i gather it just wants
userCertificate;binary:: as the attribute name in the LDIF dump when loading
? Cant simply search and replace, because that will increase the line
length, which will stop it from parsing.

No, it won't: lines can be as long as you like.

Alternatively, anybody know of any tool which can re-justify line lengths in
an ldif, if i search and replace the attribute name ?

It might be nice to have some sort of non-default legacy flag, for loading a
previous release's ldif (or at least be more forgiving than the present

Probably, yes. In this specific case, given its exceptionality, probably sed s/userCertificate::/userCertificate;binary::/ suffices.


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