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Re: Unix socket auth(EXTERNAL) not working in netbsd

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
David Markey writes:
Im afraid the outcome is the exact same
netbsd# ldapsearch -x -H ldapi:// -b '' -s base -LLL supportedSASLMechanisms

Looking back at this path a little...

Not sure if this is needed with NetBSD, but: Is the ldapsearch you use
from $PATH the same as the one you compiled with -D_NETBSD_SOURCE?

Does include/portable.h define HAVE_SYS_UN_H?  If not, config.log
hopefully shows why.

If yes, does LOCAL_CREDS get defined when you compile daemon.c?  Try
   cd servers/slapd
   rm daemon.o
   make daemon.o
and run the resulting compilation command without '-c -o daemon.o' and
see if the LOCAL_CREDS part gets #ifdeffed out.

All of that is irrelevant. There is no code in liblutil that uses LOCAL_CREDS. As I said in my first reply - if your NetBSD doesn't provide getpeereid() then you need to file an ITS to get the relevant APIs supported. None of the current substitutes in liblutil match any of what you quoted from the NetBSD docs.

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