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Re: Unix socket auth(EXTERNAL) not working in netbsd

Emmanuel Dreyfus writes:
> One thing that might explain the mess, from <sys/un.h>:
> /*
>  * Socket options for UNIX IPC domain.
>  */
> #if defined(_NETBSD_SOURCE)
> #define LOCAL_CREDS     0x0001          /* pass credentials to receiver */
> #define LOCAL_CONNWAIT  0x0002          /* connects block until accepted */
> #endif
> (...)
> Adding a #define _NETBSD_SOURCE may help, but it can also open a can of
> worms.

Well, to get LOCAL_CREDS it looks like you'll have to open that can of
worms.  I suggest you try
 ./configure --enable-<everything under the sky> CPPFLAGS=_NETBSD_SOURCE
and report how it works.  Or if it doesn't, see if
./configure --disable-<everything under the sky> CPPFLAGS=_NETBSD_SOURCE
helps, in case that helps narrow down the problems.

Should probably compile with plenty of compiler warnings (set in CFLAGS)
and look for anything which didn't show up with the same warnings
but without _NETBSD_SOURCE.