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Re: Unix socket auth(EXTERNAL) not working in netbsd

Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

> As I said in my first reply - if your NetBSD doesn't provide getpeereid()
> then you need to file an ITS to get the relevant APIs supported. None of
> the current substitutes in liblutil match any of what you quoted from the
> NetBSD docs.

Right, I have the whole story.

getpeereid(3) has been added in NetBSD-current on 2007/08/09. That
feature has not yet been included in a stable release. It will be
available in NetBSD-5.0.

The remaining of this message is quite off-topic, but while we are

Upgrading to NetBSD-current will make he feature working. Another
approach would be to try patching NetBSD-4.0 to add just the required

If you want to try that route, checkout latest source from the netbsd-4
branch, and try to apply the patches produced by the diff at the bottom
of this commit log (you will need to hack it a bit):

Emmanuel Dreyfus