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Re: Update strategy: 2.3.34 to 2.3.41 or even 2.4.9 ?

On Mon, 26 May 2008, Gavin Henry wrote:

> > Agreed; we run 2.4 clients because of a timeout that we needed, but 
> > the servers are still 2.3.  The installation method 
> > is...interesting...
> > 
> Care to expand in "interesting"?

The 2.4 client installs into its own path, which comes ahead of /usr/local 
and so on; the 2.3 server installs into the default location.  The tricky 
bit is that the client is part of our source control and distribution 
procedure (not to mention getting the shared libraries to be recognised;
FreeBSD 4 and 6/7 do it in different ways, and Ubuntu does it in yet 
another way).

The idea is to protect us from an unexpected 2.3 client getting installed 
as part of a requirement of some other package.

When 2.4 gets marked as STABLE then I'll move to it and incorporate it 
under our scheme as well.

-- Dave