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Re: Update strategy: 2.3.34 to 2.3.41 or even 2.4.9 ?

Dave Horsfall wrote:
On Sun, 18 May 2008, openldap.lists@frei-family.ch wrote:

Now the platform to which that OpenLDAP setup belongs is rebuilt (Solaris 10) and I have an opportunity to carry out some lifecycle but wonder if I should remain at 2.3.34 or upgrade to 2.3.41 or even 2.4.9.

Look at the list of bugs that were fixed between 2.3.34 and 2.3.41,

As stated by Quanah 2.3.42 is ready for release. So the list is some items longer now.

At the moment I'd only consider migrating to 2.4.x for production if new features are needed. Some tweaking of slapd.conf might be required during migration.

Ciao, Michael.