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Update strategy: 2.3.34 to 2.3.41 or even 2.4.9 ?

Hi List,

we're currently running OpenLDAP 2.3.34 with BDB 4.5.20p2 for the backend in production (Solaris 8, 2 million reads per day). This combination has run fine and stable for almost a year. Apart from syncrepl we're not using any special features/overlays.

Now the platform to which that OpenLDAP setup belongs is rebuilt (Solaris 10) and I have an opportunity to carry out some lifecycle but wonder if I should remain at 2.3.34 or upgrade to 2.3.41 or even 2.4.9.

A pro would defnitely be to reach a later OpenLDAP version without having to do the upgrade with the pressure of a productive environment. The con which makes me hesitate is that it's currently running very well - and, never change a winning team...

How would you proceed in that situation and why ?

Thanks for your thoughts