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Re: AW: Solaris 10 OpenLDAP server message:

I am using the current version of openldap from blastwave with no issues.
Of course I use nothing in /usr/local and have /opt/csw first in my path. Also
verify that your libpaths are correctly set


I make sure that the libs I use are listed in the proper order here is
an example.

default library path /lib:/usr/lib
trusted directories /lib/secure:/usr/lib/secure:/usr/lib/mps:/usr/lib/mps/64

The last two are required to work with programs like ssh I believe.

note also that blastwave sets the openldap to run at boot time so if
you are planning on starting it by hand you will have to disable the
csw version of ldap...or  change the options in one of the
configuration files.  ( I just disabled the service and wrote my own
script in order to solve this ).

Be careful about updating because it will change permissions on some
important files if you have set things up by hand.   In my case I run
as user ldap not root and I had to change ownerships and permissions
back to what I was running after an update. ( pain ).

On Feb 12, 2008 8:46 AM, Buchan Milne <bgmilne@staff.telkomsa.net> wrote:
> On Monday 11 February 2008 11:35:37 Kick, Claus wrote:
> > Ok. I do not understand that warning/error. What does it actually mean?
> > Is the ldap library wrong? Is slapd configured incorrectly? Has it been
> > compiled incorrectly?
> If OpenLDAP slapd is reporting an error message from the Sun LDAP library,
> something is very wrong. OpenLDAP's slapd needs to be compiled against the
> OpenLDAP LDAP library (the one that ships with the source code to slapd).
> This is usually taken care of by the build process (the libraries are built
> first, and then all the binaries are linked against them).
> There are even issues at times if OpenLDAP's slapd is compiled against an
> older version of the OpenLDAP LDAP libraries (which I have seen on occasion
> due to broken libtool's etc.).
> Regards,
> Buchan