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Re: large ldap server recommendation

Tony Earnshaw skrev, on 01-02-2008 16:20:


Will I have to remove my current db4* rpms to install these ?

As Aaron wrote, no. If you do install Buchan's rpms it's important to know that he separates it from Red Hat's by tacking '2.3' on to the end of everything, including the man pages. So slapd is called slapd2.3, ldapsearch is called ldapsearch2.3, /usr/bin/slapd_db_recover2.3, etc.

with all this I regard all subsequent posts, including my own, regarding Red Hat's miscreated (and mostly miscreant) OpenLDAP stuff as being "earth to earth, dust to dust" etc. AKA OT.

Here's the link: "ram@netcore.co.in" "tonni@hetnet.nl", wait for it to mature to Google.

IOW I wish to have nothing further to do on this list with Red Hat OpenLDAP or alternatives to it, Buchan rules until Red Hat proves the opposite.



Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl