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Re: Upgrading blues

Sn!per skrev, on 29-01-2008 07:48:


Should I stay awhile with 2.3, would it be a PITA to upgrade to 2.4 branch and BDB 4.6 ? I am no sysadmin. Appreciate your advise on this. TIA.

That depends on your OS and distribution. Red Hat derivatives can use Buchan Milne's rpms/srpm which make substituting 2.4 w/ bdb-4.6 for 2.3 as easy as falling off a log; others who can't/won't use these rpms have found configuring 2.4 w/ bdb-4.6 without being a dyed-in-the-wool sysadmin a PITA.

I guess if you're using qmail you won't be using Red Hat or derivatives. My own choice is, that as a Red Hat sysadmin I've installed Buchan's 2.4.7 (srpm -> rpms) on my FC test machine. After a few months' experience of 2.4 I'd say that there's no way I'll ever again install (even Buchan's) 2.3 on new sites, and there are a couple coming along.


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl