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Re: slap* tools require id2entry.bdb to run ?

On Friday 11 January 2008 01:39:45 Tony Earnshaw wrote:

> On both platforms I insist on rpms, right? I use Buchan Milne's OL
> srpms, available at http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/. The srpms get
> rebuilt on my systems; it's often only necessary to substitute latest
> source in the rpm spec; sometimes more work is necessary.
> Buchan delivers discrete db4 stuff (as well as OL stuff) that can never
> conflict with Red Hat's. Obviously it's in many ways a compromise, but
> this approach does mean that it can exist together with Red Hat's on the
> same machine.
> Lastly, you want to use db4 4.6, right? I'd forget about this for the
> time being if I were you. Getting OL 2.4.x working correctly is far more
> important than subjectively choosing a db4 version. Patched 4.2.52 works
> fine for now, I'm sure Buchan will get around to incorporating 4.6 as
> soon as possible.

My 2.4.7 packages now ship db-4.6. I will thus incorporate Howard's fix from 
CVS in my packages shortly.