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Re: slapadd going for a very long time

Buchan Milne wrote:
On Thursday 10 January 2008 18:01:12 Lionel Kernux wrote:
Hi all,

I realize that the versions to which I am going to refer are somewhat
deprecated so please bear with me.....
I'm running RHEL4 and am bound by policy to only use RHEL4 packages so
this is why I am only using v2.2.13.

If your policy requires you to use packages as supplied by a particular vendor it would make sense for your policy to also require that vendor to support those packages. I.e., go to RedHat and make them earn the fees you're paying them. If they don't help you, then you should seriously reconsider why you're paying them in the first place...

myfile.ldif is ~250MB and the source LDAP directory contains #
numEntries: 427839

I started the slapadd 20 hours ago and it is still running....

Is this normal, given the number of entries?

Machine is Dell Poweredge 1750
Xeon 2.4GHz X 2
1024MB RAM

On similar hardware, (1750 with 2GB ram, 36GB in RAID1 with a hot spare), but with approximately the same cachesize in DB_CONFIG (as there are other databases), one of our similarly sized databases (~ 450 000 entries, ~420MB of raw ldif), takes less than two hours to import (on 2.3.x). I don't have stats for 2.2.

Best case for 2.2 slapadd was 2x slower than 2.3. Worst case depended how much indexing was configured.

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