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slapadd going for a very long time

Hi all,

I realize that the versions to which I am going to refer are somewhat
deprecated so please bear with me.....
I'm running RHEL4 and am bound by policy to only use RHEL4 packages so
this is why I am only using v2.2.13.


I need to add a new slave to the pool of LDAP servers. I ran slapcat
-l /tmp/myfile.ldif on the master.

Then copied the resultant ldif to the new slave.

Then ran slapadd -v -l myfile.ldif

myfile.ldif is ~250MB and the source LDAP directory contains #
numEntries: 427839

I started the slapadd 20 hours ago and it is still running....

Is this normal, given the number of entries?

Machine is Dell Poweredge 1750
Xeon 2.4GHz X 2
1024MB RAM