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Re: multi valued otherMailbox


Tony Earnshaw <tonni@hetnet.nl> writes:

> Tony Earnshaw skrev, on 12-10-2007 17:56:
> [...]
>>> Adding the second attribute value I get error 18, inappropriate
>>> matching. Is this intended behaviour or is this a bug?
> Hmmm ... I see that otherMailbox an attribute is of objectClass
> pilotPerson (schemas [cosine|openldap].schema. Using gq I also see
> that there are no Equality, Ordering or  Substrings specified. Whereas
> there are for attribute mail. It would seem that there is no matching
> rule in the schemas. There doesn't seem to be any bug in OL, it's
> simply doing its job.
> Pity you don't quote your OL version, mine is 2.3.38.

Come on Tony, if you really want to know, take your pick from 2.3.35
to yesterdays HEAD on SuSE-9,3, openSUSE-10.2, openSUSE-10.3, Sun
Solaris-10 on x86 and x86_64 platforms.


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