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Re: multi valued otherMailbox

Tony Earnshaw <tonni@hetnet.nl> writes:

> Dieter Kluenter skrev, on 12-10-2007 16:39:
>> for particular reasons entries have to have a multi valued otherMailbox
>> attribute, something like
>> dn: cn=foo bar,ou=some ou
>> objectclass: inetorgPerson
>> objectclass: extensibleObject
>> ...
>> otherMailbox: SMTP$joe@example.com
>> otherMailbox: smtp$foo@bar.com
>> Adding the second attribute value I get error 18, inappropriate
>> matching. Is this intended behaviour or is this a bug?
> Why "particular reasons entries have to have a multi valued
> otherMailbox attribute"? Design fault, or inescapable idiot client?

Because it is not my job nore my position to discuss the directory
> Explanation: At my high school site, users (i.e. cn, uid) often have
> to have multiple mail attributes (objectClasses: courierMailAccount,
> courierMailAlias, evolutionPersonlist, inetOrgPerson, mailRecipient
> and a couple of others). It is important that they have multiple mail
> attributes for a couple or three reasons, all to do with Postfix.
> Why can't you do the same?

Because my only job is to investigate into this displayed error and
document it.


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