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Re: delete entries Delta syncrepl

Gavin Henry a écrit :
Julien Garnier wrote:

Central ldap -----> ldap_relay ----->ldap

I retrieve information from a central ldap to my local relay (ldap_relay). I can't modify these data.

I use delta syncrepl and multimaster (openldap 2.3.37) between ldap_relay and my ldap (ldap) I can modify the last one and add some atributes etc...

If your 'ldap' directory above is a replica of your master, so should not accept any updates, unless using slapo-chain to chain them back to your master.
No, the server name ldap is in fact my local master (because I need a master): I have no acces to "central_ldap" . "ldap_relay" is juste to provide replication of the central ldap I can write in it but it's override when someone modify the "central ldap". So I replicate it in "ldap" with "multimaster" and i can write in "ldap" and if someone modify the "central ldap" my modifications are not override (that's what i'm looking for) but if someone remove user from "central ldap" user is NOT remove on my "ldap" (that's what I dont want ...)

There is no multimaster or MirrorMode in 2.3.x, so your problem is mis-configuration.
I compile both ldap_relay and ldap with :


And i can write to "ldap" or modify it

I have test the slapo-translucent to: it work fine, i can add attributes to my "ldap" but i can't search with these attributes : If i add "poste" attribute and search my ldap with (sn=myname), i can read the value of "poste" but i can't search with (poste=XXXX)

So i'm looking for something between my first config and thes second one..



If someone update the central ldap i retrive the information in my ldap_relay and in my ldap thats OK
If I add an attribute to my ldap and the central ldap is update, i retreive the new ibnformations and my own attributes are not erase OK
If a person is deleted from the central ldap, she is not delete in my ldap relay. NoOK

In a shorter way : all is OK for me exept when someone is deleted from the central ldap

Someone have an idea in how I can resolve this probleme (via syncrepl or other application)

And exuse me for my English ...

Thanks in advance


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