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Re: Question about attribute name

Rana Biswas wrote:

When I add an attribute named "cm.host" in my OpenLDAP schema, I
get an invalid name error.

The attribute I added is:
attributeType ( NAME   'cm.host'
	DESC 'host name'
	EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
	SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
	SYNTAX{32768} )

I am getting the following error: Invalid NAME: "cm.host"

Does this mean attribute in OpenLDAP schema cannot have dot in attribute name
or I am doing something wrong.
Is there any way around, I cannot change the schema and our
application depend on this data.

Thanks in advance.

Rana Biswas

What version of OpenLDAP are you using?

Where did you add this attribute? It looks like you've hacked
core.schema and not requested your own OID. Please read:


According to rfc4512, section 1.4:

   Short names, also known as descriptors, are used as more readable
   aliases for object identifiers.  Short names are case insensitive and
   conform to the ABNF

ABNF has:

 DOT     = %x2E ; period (".")

So I read that as 'cm.host' be valid, I'm just not sure how it is to be written in a schema.

Anyone correct/clarify?


Kind Regards,

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