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Re: delete entries Delta syncrepl

On Tuesday 02 October 2007 13:46:42 Julien Garnier wrote:
> Gavin Henry a Ãcrit :
> > Julien Garnier wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> Central ldap -----> ldap_relay ----->ldap
> >>
> >> I retrieve information from a central ldap to my local relay
> >> (ldap_relay). I can't modify these data.
> >>
> >> I use delta syncrepl and multimaster (openldap 2.3.37) between
> >> ldap_relay and my ldap (ldap) I can modify the last one and add some
> >> atributes etc...
> >
> > If your 'ldap' directory above is a replica of your master, so should
> > not accept any updates, unless using slapo-chain to chain them back to
> > your master.
> No, the server name ldap is in fact my local master (because I need a
> master): I have no acces to "central_ldap" .  "ldap_relay" is juste to
> provide replication of the central ldap I can write in it but it's
> override when someone modify the "central ldap". So I replicate it in
> "ldap" with "multimaster" and i can write in "ldap" and if someone
> modify the "central ldap" my modifications are not override (that's what
> i'm looking for) but if someone remove user from "central ldap" user is
> NOT remove on my "ldap" (that's what I dont want ...)

So, it seems to me you are trying to use a complex configuration with 
unsupported to solve a problem that you could solve much more easily using 
slapo-translucent ?

> > There is no multimaster or MirrorMode in 2.3.x, so your problem is
> > mis-configuration.
> I compile both ldap_relay and ldap with :

And this is an unsupported/experimental configuration that has been dropped 
(in this form) from future versions.