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delete entries Delta syncrepl


Central ldap -----> ldap_relay ----->ldap

I retrieve information from a central ldap to my local relay (ldap_relay). I can't modify these data.

I use delta syncrepl and multimaster (openldap 2.3.37) between ldap_relay and my ldap (ldap) I can modify the last one and add some atributes etc...
If someone update the central ldap i retrive the information in my ldap_relay and in my ldap thats OK
If I add an attribute to my ldap and the central ldap is update, i retreive the new ibnformations and my own attributes are not erase OK
If a person is deleted from the central ldap, she is not delete in my ldap relay. NoOK

In a shorter way : all is OK for me exept when someone is deleted from the central ldap

Someone have an idea in how I can resolve this probleme (via syncrepl or other application)

And exuse me for my English ...

Thanks in advance


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