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ldapsearch and accented names

I´m having some trouble with ldapserach on Linux comunicating with a LDAP server. In fact, everything works just fine, until my query finds and object that has any accents on its name. For example: if I have an object named "Luis Talora", its shown OK; in oposite, if its name is "Luís Talora", with an acute accent, its distinguish name is shown like this: "Q049THXDrXMgRmVybmFuZG8gQy4gVGFsb3JhLE9VPVRJLE9VPUFSQSxPVT1Vc3VhcmlvcyxEQz1pbmVwYXIsREM9Y29tLERDPWJy". In Portuguese, is very common that people have accents in their names...
Do anybody know a way to fix that behavior?
Thanks a lot!


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