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Re: ldapsearch and accented names

Luís Fernando C. Talora wrote:
> Friends,
> I´m having some trouble with ldapserach on Linux comunicating with a
> LDAP server. In fact, everything works just fine, until my query
> finds and object that has any accents on its name. For example: if I
> have an object named "Luis Talora", its shown OK; in oposite, if its
> name is "Luís Talora", with an acute accent, its distinguish name is
> shown like this:
> In Portuguese, is very common that people have accents in their
> names...
> Do anybody know a way to fix that behavior?

There is nothing to fix.  DirectoryStrings containing non-ASCII chars,
like accented letters, are displayed by ldapsearch(1) encoded in base64,
according to RFC 2849.  Your string, decoded, looks like

echo -n
| base64 -d
CN=Luís Fernando C. Talora,OU=TI,OU=ARA,OU=Usuarios,DC=inepar,DC=com,DC=br

(any newline inserted by the mailer).  If you want them to be shown in
readable form, either decode them, or use another client.


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