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Re: Automatic referral chasing

Gavin Henry skrev, on 05-09-2007 16:58:


And did you not take a note of missing.lackign information and inform us of what you like to see?

Nope, like all others I attempt to puzzle it out for myself. Enough people have posted about lacking stuff, I get by perfectly well with what there is and this list (as I wrote). Sometimes I get into knots (see other threads), but, being a trout fisherman, I can usually untie these myself. Where I need someone else's help in untying I ask for help.

Do you see many posts on this list from me asking for help?

You can download 2.4.5 beta as of today and see the new docs for
yourself (they are still wip).

I'll try that. "wip" is presumably ""Work In Progress", rather than the Dutch slang "wip" (which is something you probably didn't intend)?

As always, this is a community effort, so please reply with a list of
"I'd love to see in the docs"

There's nothing I hate more than people using community developed
software, complaining and not contributing.

I never complained, that was someone else. Nuff said ...


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl