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Re: Automatic referral chasing

<quote who="Tony Earnshaw">
> Gavin Henry skrev, on 05-09-2007 16:58:
> [...]
>> And did you not take a note of missing.lackign information and inform us
>> of what you like to see?
> Nope, like all others I attempt to puzzle it out for myself. Enough
> people have posted about lacking stuff, I get by perfectly well with
> what there is and this list (as I wrote). Sometimes I get into knots
> (see other threads), but, being a trout fisherman, I can usually untie
> these myself. Where I need someone else's help in untying I ask for help.


> Do you see many posts on this list from me asking for help?

Some, not many.

>> You can download 2.4.5 beta as of today and see the new docs for
>> yourself (they are still wip).
> I'll try that. "wip" is presumably ""Work In Progress", rather than the
> Dutch slang "wip" (which is something you probably didn't intend)?

The former ;-)

>> As always, this is a community effort, so please reply with a list of
>> "I'd love to see in the docs"
>> There's nothing I hate more than people using community developed
>> software, complaining and not contributing.
> I never complained, that was someone else. Nuff said ...

Agreed. "There's nothing to see here. Move along now.."


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