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Re: Automatic referral chasing

Gavin Henry wrote:
Taymour A. El Erian wrote:
Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Taymour A. El Erian wrote:

The docs of openldap are really not clear

I suggest you make more precise statements: what's not clear, and how
should it be improved. Otherwise your statement is simply offensive
with respect to the many persons that voluntarily (i.e. without being
paid, and often out of their little spare time) dedicated to writing the
documentation. In fact, as developers, we shouldn't care too much about
documenting our work. All in all, we can read the code, and we already
know how it works, so we shouldn't care too much about your needs as
soon as they do not match ours. Note that I intentionally ignored your
question, since it has been answered many times, as you may find out by
searching the archives, and answering it once more seemed to be a real
waste of time that I could have dedicated to improving the documents, if
I received a valid feedback about where improvement is needed.



I don't want to get into a debate about the importance of documentation, but documentation is really one of the most important things about software. If you as a developer understand the code, this doesn't mean the code is usable since most of those who use it are not developers and do not know how to read the code. Everybody appreciates the time and effort given by the developers. The administrator guide has no mention of the overlays (at least not chain) and the man pages do not give enough description, also the administrator guide could add examples for some configurations, maybe like those ones being asked in the mailing list.

These may just magically appear if we wish hard enough, but in reality someone has to write them. You've written a nice long paragraph above, which is probably longer than the text needed to document some missing information. Nice use of your time.

I'd help write the admin guide if I knew how to do the configuration, I love community software.

I really searched for my question a lot in the list but could not find it.

Thank you anyway.

These are all just about done and the new Admin Guide will be out when 2.4 is out of Beta.

You can download 2.4.5 beta as of today and see the new docs for
yourself (they are still wip).

As always, this is a community effort, so please reply with a list of
"I'd love to see in the docs"

I'd love to see this in the docs:

1- Real life examples (replication, chaining)
2- More detailed explanation (without so much technical details about how things are implemented internally with a note to where to read that)
There's nothing I hate more than people using community developed
software, complaining and not contributing.


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