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Re: preserve value order with referential integrity overlay?

å 2007-08-14äç 10:30 -0700ïHoward Chuåéï
> Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> > One dump question, the draft you composed expires at end of 2006, does
> > that mean this draft will no longer become RFC and (thus?) have no
> > implementation yet?
> The draft is intended to document what we've already implemented in OpenLDAP. 

Thanks for the info. Sorry for having to ask so many questions before I
can start using this feature: since which version this feature is
enabled? The testbed I am using runs openldap 2.3.37. I got some error
using this feature:

zhangweiwu@emerson ~ $ ldapadd -x -D uid=... -W
Enter LDAP Password: 
dn: uid=BESG,ou=contacts,ou=china,dc=ahk,dc=de
objectClass: olcCompany
companyRepresentative: {0}cn=Xiaowen Zheng,uid=BESG,ou=...
companyRepresentative: {1}cn=Joerg Wuttker,uid=BESG,ou=...

adding new entry "uid=BASG,ou=contacts,ou=china,dc=ahk,dc=de"
ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)
	additional info: contactPerson: value #0 invalid per syntax

The sensitive data is replaced with '...' before posting. 

Schema is defined as below, following examples in draft-chu-ldap-xordered-00.txt

attributetype ( ... NAME 'companyRepresentative'
    DESC 'DN of the company representative'
    EQUALITY distinguishedNameMatch