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Re: preserve value order with referential integrity overlay?

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
å 2007-08-14äç 10:30 -0700ïHoward Chuåéï
Zhang Weiwu wrote:
One dump question, the draft you composed expires at end of 2006, does
that mean this draft will no longer become RFC and (thus?) have no
implementation yet?
The draft is intended to document what we've already implemented in OpenLDAP.

Thanks for the info. Sorry for having to ask so many questions before I can start using this feature: since which version this feature is enabled? The testbed I am using runs openldap 2.3.37. I got some error using this feature:

This has been present since 2.3.1, i.e., all 2.3 releases.

zhangweiwu@emerson ~ $ ldapadd -x -D uid=... -W
Enter LDAP Password: dn: uid=BESG,ou=contacts,ou=china,dc=ahk,dc=de
objectClass: olcCompany
companyRepresentative: {0}cn=Xiaowen Zheng,uid=BESG,ou=...
companyRepresentative: {1}cn=Joerg Wuttker,uid=BESG,ou=...

adding new entry "uid=BASG,ou=contacts,ou=china,dc=ahk,dc=de"
ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)
	additional info: contactPerson: value #0 invalid per syntax

What makes you think that an error in "contactPerson" has anything to do with the "companyRepresentative" attribute?

The sensitive data is replaced with '...' before posting.

Schema is defined as below, following examples in draft-chu-ldap-xordered-00.txt

attributetype ( ... NAME 'companyRepresentative'
DESC 'DN of the company representative'
EQUALITY distinguishedNameMatch
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