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Re: Problem with connections: closed (connection lost)

El vie, 06-07-2007 a las 10:00 -0500, Philip Kizer escribiÃ:

> I'm not sure what your "clustered" architecture is, are you using a  
> load-balancing or other layer-3 directing front-end?  If so, is that  
> exactly the same front-end on both the production and test set-ups?   
> Regardless, you would need to add those tcpdumps to both sides of
> the  
> load-directing box as well to make sure it's not behaving
> differently  
> in some way.
	We are using a load balancer that distribute requests to 2 different
ldap servers. The balance algorithm is with a hash of the source, that
is, all requests from the same source are directed to the same server.
The configuration in the production and the test environments is the

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