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Re: Problem with connections: closed (connection lost)

"Angel L. Mateo" <amateo@um.es> writes:

> Hello,
> 	We have a clustered openldap server (slapd version 2.2.23 in two debian
> sarge servers). These servers are working perfectly as a user's
> repository from our others servers (mail servers, radius, etc.).
> 	But now we are renovating our servers and we want to upgrade them to a
> new one based on openldap 2.3.30 (in two debian etch servers), but we
> are having problems.
> 	In a test environment the new servers seems to work perfectly, but when
> we connect our mail servers to it we have a lot of errors. The mail
> servers seems to lost connection with the ldap. In the ldap serves the
> only errors we could find are a lot of:
> 	Jul  5 09:44:33 canis4 slapd[28723]: conn=5087 fd=249 closed
> (connection lost)

I have seen this with a malformed perl script, which was not properly
binding and unbinding to the directory but only closing connection.

slapd[6955]: conn=2 fd=14 ACCEPT from PATH=/usr/local/var/run/ldapi (PATH=/usr/local/var/run/ldapi)
slapd[6955]: conn=2 fd=14 closed (connection lost)

So double check the configuration of your mail servers and raise loglevel.


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung