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Re: LDAP C API : Sync prtocol

Irfaz wrote:

Hi ,

I was not able to get much information about ldap_sync Apis usage and other configuration for achieving client notification about changes happened in server……….
The information provided in the man page for ldap_sync APis is very limited

I think you already complained about this in past postings. I don't think the situation improved in a few days, given that no one is working on that API, AFAIK. Feel free to improve it.

and it is a comman page for all sync APis…….

Since the API is 2 real functions and a bunch of related helpers, tightly related to each other, it seemed appropriate to concentrate them in a single page, which is common practice (see ldap_search(3), ldap_bind(3), ...). However, feel free to split it in multiple pages if you consider it more appropriate.

Firstly I am initializing the ldap sync structure using ldap_sync_initialize and then pass this struct to ldap_sync_init as a part of basic testing…………but ldap_sync_init is not successful………

Critical Extension unavailable error is thrown………

See <http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200704/msg00053.html> for discussion on the cause of that error.


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