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Re: Can old database(ldbm, openldap-2.0.x) work with new database(ldbm openldap-2.3.27)

On Wednesday 04 April 2007, Venkat Reddy Valluri wrote:
> Can you please give me the best link for instructions to do this

Really, you could have found this very easily from the documentation, but, 
something like this should work:

[root@server1] service ldap stop
[root@server1] slapcat -l backup.ldif
[root@server1] scp backup.ldif server2:

[root@server2] service ldap stop
[root@server2] slapadd -l backup.ldif
[root@server2] service ldap start

(or,  if  you are using: 
http://anorien.warwick.ac.uk/mirrors/buchan/openldap/rhel4/ :

[root@server2] service ldap2.3 stop
[root@server2] slapadd2.3 -l backup.ldif
[root@server2] service ldap2.3 start

However, openldap 2.0 was very lax at schema checking, and 2.1 and later are a 
lot more strict, so you may have some cleanup to do before the slapadd ...


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist - Monitoring/Authentication Team Leader

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