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Re: Can old database(ldbm, openldap-2.0.x) work with new database(ldbm openldap-2.3.27)


There's lots of threads on point in the openldap-software archives. In general, threads containing "slapcat and slapadd" often refer to this...

Now would be an excellent chance to change from ldbm to bdb or hdb, unless you don't particularly care about data integrity, ability to do backups, etc.

On Wed, 4 Apr 2007, Venkat Reddy Valluri wrote:

I recently installed OpenLdap-2.3.27 on my new redhat ES4. Can I use the old entries(Openldap 2.0.x) database(ldbm) on new Openldap-2.3.27.
I copied all the entries and put it on the new server. but I am not able to read them in new server