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Re: Persistent search doubt

Irfaz wrote:


I was trying to create persistent search and entry change notification controls to achieve client notification(LCUP protocol) using OpenLDAP C Apis in linux …..

The control has to be made critical for the server to return the controls(ldap_get_entry_controls) in Entry change notification ………..but “Unavilable critical extension” is thrown

Please provide me ur suggestions to solve this…..

The reason the server sends that response has already been indicated to you in <http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200704/msg00016.html>.

As you were unable to take advantage of that simple suggestion, I infer you don't have enough understanding of the basics of LDAP, and of OpenLDAP, to implement what you're trying to obtain.

Furthermore, why on earth would you need to implement a broken and obsolete control like Persistent Search and LCUP when the LDAP Sync API already provides the similar but better functionality?

If you want to implement client-side PS using OpenLDAP's C API you'll need to develop your own functions and encode messages as specified by that spec. If you want to implement server-side PS you'll need to do extensive work on the server side, which would essentially duplicate existing LDAP Content Synchronization code. In any case, if you really want to implement PS, the LDAP Sync API will be of no use.


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