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Re: LDAP Sync protocol doubt

Irfaz wrote:

Hi ,

I was testing the usage of OpenLDAP content synchronization feature……….But I was struck with an error : “Critical Extension unavailable”……….

I was trying to call ldap_sync_init after ldap_sync_initialize………..and I am not clear about the usage of the Sync APis……

Please provide me some inputs on the same and if possible some sample test codes to achieve client notification from server about updations……..

That API is experimental, so do not expect it to work seamlessly. As far as I know there is no publicly available code sample (although, I concur, some ought to be made available...).

In any case, it expects a server configured to work as a provider; see slapo-syncprov(5) and the Admin Guide for instructions about setting up slapd as a provider.


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