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Re: DIGEST-MD5 returns 'user not found'

lemons_terry@emc.com wrote:
Hi Howard

The SASL library tries all available information sources. If there was
"root" user record in your sasldb2 file it would have been used. Since your sasldblistusers2 output shows "root@tivo2" I'd say you have the wrong realm info in your database, as that doesn't match either "root" or "root@tivo2.backup".

And that was the problem. When I added "root@tivo2.backup" to the sasl database, ldapsearch worked! MANY thanks for this!

It's interesting (at least, to me) to note that I didn't need any of the
authentication identity mapping entries (as described in section 11.2.4
of the "OpenLDAP Software 2.3 Administrator's Guide" to make this work
(not even the "password-hash {cleartext}" entry that some resources said
to add).

Those config items are only needed if you intend to use entries in LDAP for the SASL authentication info, instead of sasldb. Generally, that is the best thing to do.

So what gives this SASL mechanism the authority to perform tasks via

Authentication and authorization are two separate things. When you configure your server to support SASL, that means you want to trust SASL to authenticate users. Regardless of authentication mechanism, ACLs are used to grant authority to particular users to perform various tasks.

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