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RE: DIGEST-MD5 returns 'user not found'

Hi Howard

>The SASL library tries all available information sources. If there was
>"root" user record in your sasldb2 file it would have been used. Since 
>your sasldblistusers2 output shows "root@tivo2" I'd say you have the 
>wrong realm info in your database, as that doesn't match either "root" 
>or "root@tivo2.backup".

And that was the problem.  When I added "root@tivo2.backup" to the sasl
database, ldapsearch worked!  MANY thanks for this!

It's interesting (at least, to me) to note that I didn't need any of the
authentication identity mapping entries (as described in section 11.2.4
of the "OpenLDAP Software 2.3 Administrator's Guide" to make this work
(not even the "password-hash {cleartext}" entry that some resources said
to add).

So what gives this SASL mechanism the authority to perform tasks via