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Re: Migrating openldap db backend from ibdm to bdb

Quanah Gibson-Mount writes:
> The distro operators are generally interested in one thing -- The LDAP
> C api, and the libraries provided by OpenLDAP.  Using the software to
> actually run a slapd server is not something they particularly worry
> about.  The only bugs they tend to backport are those ones involving a
> security vulnerability.  (...)

Might help for that problem to make --disable-slapd the default for
configure (and ask "slow" vendors to keep it that way).  Then we instead
get problems with users who have both preinstalled LDAP in /usr/ and
self-compiled LDAP elsewhere...  Or support linking slapd with the
installed libraries as well as with new-built ones, if new server + old
library tends to be better than old server + equally old library.