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Migrating openldap db backend from ibdm to bdb


I want to migrate our openldap db backend which currently using idbm to bdb, Matt have suggested following steps, would you please kind enough to put some more light on few steps

Migrate to BDB or HDB.  Here's the rough idea:
shutdown slapd
slapcat -f /path/to/slapd.conf -l mydb.ldif
vi /path/to/slapd.conf
 Change your database to a new directory.
 Read about tuning, cache sizing, and other stuff.
 Read openldap man pages. ( what to read ;)
 Read oracle's tuning docs for bdb. (we are not using any oracle things)
 Re-Read openldap man pages. (re-read for what :-S
slapadd -f /path/to/slapd.conf -l mydb.ldif

Fix permissions on /var/run so the slapd user can write there -- this
one is pretty easy

Secondly, to be safe side, if something goes wrong, taking backup of ...

directory       /var/lib/ldap/mydomain.com

cp -r /var/lib/ldap/mydomain.com /TosomeSafePlace

is enough to fallback to ibdm?

I want minimum downtime, heh frankly I can't aford my ass on fire :P

Thanks. Askar