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Re: cleaning up logs from bdb db and upgrading ldap

Douglas B. Jones wrote:

I noticed the that I am getting a number of bdb logs (log.0000000000 .. 210) so far for one db. What is the proper procedure for consolidating these with openldap while keeping the server process running. We have version 2.3.27, but plan on upgrading to 2.3.33.


I think the links to the DerkeleyDB docs may be out of date now that SleepyCat has been acquired by Oracle. Your best bet is just to look in the local copy of the BDB docs that are included with your BDB installation.

It would probably be a good idea for somebody to go through and update the BDB doc links in the FAQ. The new docs start here

The second question: is the best way to migrate from one ldap version to
another to slapcat from the old one and the slapadd to the new one? I realize
if I do this way, I would in essence have an answer for the first question,
but the first one I was wondering from a live point of view.

Yes, but you don't need to do a migration for simple patch updates. I.e., all 2.3.xx releases use the same database format so migration is unnecessary.

Thank you for any help, I have not had much time finding an answer in the archives o slapd.conf or slapd.bdb man pages. Thanks!
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