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Re: cleaning up logs from bdb db and upgrading ldap

On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, Douglas B. Jones wrote:

I noticed the that I am getting a number of bdb logs (log.0000000000 .. 210)
so far for one db. What is the proper procedure for consolidating these
with openldap while keeping the server process running. We have version 2.3.27,
but plan on upgrading to 2.3.33.

I'd recommend DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE. Barring that, you can run db_archive manually. Check Sleepycat docs for details on either.

The second question: is the best way to migrate from one ldap version to
another to slapcat from the old one and the slapadd to the new one? I realize
if I do this way, I would in essence have an answer for the first question,
but the first one I was wondering from a live point of view.

This is the suggested method for a server migration. Note that a clean shutdown of 2.3.27 -> 2.3.33 is not considered an upgrade in this sense: just stop slapd 2.3.27, drop in the 2.3.33 slapd binary and go.

Thank you for any help, I have not had much time finding an answer
in the archives o slapd.conf or slapd.bdb man pages. Thanks!

For Sleepycat information, try www.sleepycat.com (which I think/hope now redirects you to somewhere Oracle-ish). For OpenLDAP information, including upgrading, check the OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide.