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Re: cleaning up logs from bdb db and upgrading ldap

On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, Douglas B. Jones wrote:

> I noticed the that I am getting a number of bdb logs (log.0000000000 .. 
> 210) so far for one db. What is the proper procedure for consolidating 
> these with openldap while keeping the server process running. We have 
> version 2.3.27, but plan on upgrading to 2.3.33.

"db_archive" will tell you which ones can be removed; alternatively you 
can use "set_flags DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE" in DB_CONFIG.

> The second question: is the best way to migrate from one ldap version to 
> another to slapcat from the old one and the slapadd to the new one? I 
> realize if I do this way, I would in essence have an answer for the 
> first question, but the first one I was wondering from a live point of 
> view.

Only when upgrading between major versions e.g. 2.2.X -> 2.3.X.

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