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Re: [Fwd: Re: Bug(?) With OpenLDAP 2.3.32]

Howard Chu wrote:
Well, in this LDIF, the two ou: values are not contiguous. slapadd is supposed to reorder its input to make the values contiguous, but apparently it's not doing a good job here. In which case the entry would indeed get loaded with two separate ou attributes.

Pretty sure this is the culprit, no need to dig any further in the database.

Except that feeding this entry to slapadd shows that it is processed correctly. So much for that idea.

daniel@ncsu.edu wrote:
dn: uid=XXX,ou=students,ou=people,dc=ncsu,dc=edu
objectClass: person
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: ncsuPerson
uid: XXX
cn: XXX
sn: XXX
title: Senior
ncsuTwoPartName: XXX
organizationalStatus: registered
o: NC State University
gn: XXX
initials: XXX
displayName: XXX
ncsuAltDisplayName: XXX
ncsuCampusID: XXX
ncsuClassCode: SR
ou: Physics
ncsuCurriculumCode: PY
ou: B S - Philosophy
ncsuCurriculumCode: LSL
mail: XXX@unity.ncsu.edu
ncsuPrimaryEMail: XXX@unity.ncsu.edu
registeredAddress: XXX
postalAddress: XXX
telephoneNumber: XXX
l: Raleigh
st: NC
postalCode: 27603
ncsuPrimaryRole: staff

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