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Re: [Fwd: Re: Bug(?) With OpenLDAP 2.3.32]

daniel@ncsu.edu wrote:
daniel@ncsu.edu wrote:

dn: uid=USERNAME,ou=students,ou=people,dc=ncsu,dc=edu

Ya know what!  Now that you said, that, I actually -do- have a copy of the
data in ldif dump format.  (pulled via slapcat)  Is that what would be
useful to see?

Yes, the LDIF for the uid=USERNAME entry that first showed the problem would be a good start.

What commands did you use to initially populate the database? If you

I used slapadd to populate the database initially.

No other mods were done to the entry in the meantime?

that (on a separate, fresh database) does the same problem recur?

I've test that theory if I can find some resources to try it with. (kinda 'strapped' at the moment so to speak)


Little background, our LDAP service is 100% pulled from other sources. Wiping it and rebuilding it from scratch is always possible. (in other
words, no end users make changes directly, the only thing that makes any
modifications what-so-ever is the update script we run on the master ldap
server which generates ldif files of what -should- be in the database,
then via some scripts that come with ... Net::LDAP? some perl module, not
remembering off the top of my head... ldifsort, ldifdiff, etc ... I
compare the last build to todays build and push the modifications via

If this occurs again, what all would be useful for me to pull aside before
fixing it?  I'll make a point of doing so.

Probably a copy of the id2entry database for starters. That's assuming the entry got stored incorrectly on disk. If it only got corrupted in the in-memory cache, we'd have to see the actual Entry structure in memory. That would mean using gdb to break into the flow of things while the bad entry is being accessed. (So you need a debug build of slapd with the full symbol table intact.)

As a complete aside, you might consider using something like the addpartial overlay in ITS#3593
instead of sort/diff. Just ldapadd everything and let the overlay figure out the changes. That's essentially what the syncrepl consumer does with the entries it receives from the provider.

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